Below you’ll find links and notes for many of the books and supplies that we use in our programs at Meter. Be sure to check with your instructor to ensure that you’ve got all the appropriate materials to support your success in lessons!

We encourage you whenever possible to buy your music equipment and supplies from one of the many great retail music stores in Seattle: Bischofberger Violins, Dusty Strings, Emerald City Guitars, Trading Musician, and more.


We recommend that guitar students of all ages consider smaller-bodied guitars in addition to full size. Though they are marketed as kids’ or travel instruments, a smaller guitar can be a much more comfortable fit for some adults. And for young players, your investment in a smaller instrument is not wasted as they grow. That starter guitar will still be fun to pick up and play as they get older, and can become a good travel instrument for road trips and rougher conditions.

Method book for kids: Hal Leonard Guitar for Kids (get the edition that includes Method & Songbook)
Starter nylon string guitar great for any age: Yamaha 3/4 size
Small-bodied steel string guitar great for teens and adults: Taylor GS Mini


For the majority of ukulele lessons and classes, a child or adult will do well with a soprano, concert, or tenor size ukulele. All three of those sizes use the same tuning. A baritone ukulele is a wonderful instrument to learn, but the tuning matches a guitar and makes it harder to communicate and learn with other ukulele players.

Method book for kids: Hal Leonard Ukulele for Kids
Starter ukulele bundle for any age: Kala Soprano Ukulele


If you have the space for a drum set at home, there are great products available to keep the volume down. This can protect a drummer’s ears and allow you to practice anytime without bothering your neighbors or your family!

Drum set noise-reduction: Silentstroke heads or Aquarian Super Pads, and Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals
Practice pad: All-In-One or Evans Pad + Snare Stand
Sticks:Vic Firth 5A
Book:Snare Drum Plays the Zoo and Stick Control