Group Classes

Group Music Classes in Seattle – for kids and adults!

Groups are a great alternative or supplement to private music instruction. Learn in a fun, peer-supported environment. Try keeping songs together as a band. You can join anytime, and stop at your convenience. Students learn at their own pace and also work collaboratively.

Please contact our front desk to register for a group class – online registration is only available for private lessons.

Violin Classes for Kids

Students will be exposed to the basics of violin posture and technique while playing games,
making new friends, and learning introductory level songs…

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Guitar Classes for Kids

Join us and begin learning some simple riffs, open chords, and basic note-reading…

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Guitar Classes for Adults

Total beginner on guitar? Start learning basic chords, easy songs, and a little bit of music theory…

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Ukulele Classes for Kids

Easy chords, popular songs, note reading, games…

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Ukulele Classes for Adults

Strumming simple songs, easy music theory – sing along if you like…

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MiniMeter Classes for Babies & Toddlers

MiniMeter is a place to sing, move, and play instruments as a family…

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