Group Classes

Group Music Classes in Seattle – for kids and adults!

Groups are a great alternative or supplement to private music instruction. Learn in a fun, peer-supported environment. Try keeping songs together as a band. You can join anytime, and stop at your convenience. Students learn at their own pace and also work collaboratively.

No obligation to continue after your first visit – email or call our front desk about scheduling your first session!

Guitar Classes for Kids

Join us and begin learning some simple riffs, open chords, and basic note-reading…

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Guitar Classes for Adults

Total beginner on guitar? Start learning basic chords, easy songs, and a little bit of music theory…

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Ukulele Classes for Kids

Easy chords, popular songs, note reading, games…

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Ukulele Classes for Adults

Strumming simple songs, easy music theory – sing along if you like…

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Voice Classes for Kids

Vocal technique and solfege to stage presence, improvisation and pop songs…

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Drum Classes for Kids

This kid-friendly class is a great introduction to the world of drums and percussion…

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MiniMeter Classes for Babies & Toddlers

MiniMeter is a place to sing, move, and play instruments as a family…

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