Guitar Classes for Adults

Seattle Guitar Classes for Adults

Total beginner on guitar? Join us to start learning basic chords, easy songs, and a little bit of music theory. Bring your guitar and we’ll provide tunes and material to try practicing at home. Instructor will cater to individual progress in rhythm and lead playing, and will lead the group in playing as an ensemble. A nylon or steel string acoustic guitar is suggested for these classes, but electric guitars are welcome as well.

Intermediate Guitar classes are for advancing students who know a few chords and want to focus more on knowledge of the fretboard, scales, note reading, theory, and improvisation. These classes also give us a chance to do more strumming and singing as a group.

Students in our Beginner classes are encouraged to transition to Intermediate classes or private lessons whenever they feel ready.

New students are welcome to try a first class anytime! There is no charge if you choose not to continue.

Our Central District and Columbia City locations are easily accessible from the Madrona, Leschi, Montlake, Madison Park, Capitol Hill, Leschi, Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, Hillman City, Seward Park, Georgetown, and Rainier Beach neighborhoods. Our practice studios are the perfect dedicated space for getting out of the house and working on your music. Come in for a visit today!


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