Private Lessons

Music Lessons in Seattle – for kids and adults!

Students at Meter include complete beginners, adults building on childhood study, siblings who want to start a family band, high school students getting ready for a big audition, and budding singer-songwriters. We believe that the right atmosphere, the right teacher, and the right community are the recipe for success on a musical instrument. We want you to be delighted to arrive at lessons each week, and go home inspired to play more.

Private lessons are a fast and focused way to get started on an instrument, and allow you to set personalized goals for your playing. Your teacher will have time to work on fundamentals and also personalize your materials to fit your goals.

Click here to browse all of our current private lesson openings in the Central District and Columbia City.


Ready to learn guitar? We offer a wide variety of instruction from rock to classical to jazz guitar.

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Build a bright musical future with a start on piano! Our instructors teach a wide variety of piano music from jazz to pop to classical.

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Your lessons can be geared toward pop and rock, classical and opera, or all of the above.

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The perfect instrument for young beginners and busy adults.

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Rock & jazz drumming lessons, to classical percussion, conga, and djembe.

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Electric & Upright Bass Lessons

A quick instrument to learn if you’d like to join a rock band, with limitless potential for jazz and classical study as well.

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Violin, Cello, Viola, & Fiddle Lessons

We can help support your independent strings study, or dig into material from your school orchestra.

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Saxophone, Clarinet, & Flute Lessons

Our instructors will help you work on your first or fourth woodwind instrument 🙂

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Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, & Tuba Lessons

Hone your skills with us, whether for your first school band or a big high school audition.

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Mandolin, Banjo, & Harp Lessons

Folk, country, bluegrass, and classical are all possible in the wonderful world of string instruments.

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