Guitar & Ukulele Camps

Seattle Guitar & Ukulele Camps

Total beginners and kids with some experience are welcome to join in for this week of strumming, picking, and singing fun. Just bring a guitar, or a ukulele, or both! We’ll learn basic chords, write our own songs, and form our own bands.

Our camps are best suited for students ages 6-11, but we will consider campers as young as 5 or as old as 13 by special request. Our staff are ready to support total beginners on an instrument. However, please take the opportunity if possible to schedule some private lessons or group classes before your camp program. A camper with a few months of lessons will become familiar with their instrument, already know a few songs, and have an especially fun experience at camp.

Students are welcome to register for any number of camps. Staff are prepared to support a range of levels, so by attending additional sessions students can build on the skills they developed earlier in the summer.

Camps run each day from 9:00am-1:00pm, and tuition is $325 per week per student.

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